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2018 Back to School Must-Have Guide

Don’t let this years back to school rush stress you out! We know that planning for September can commence as early as late July, early August. Feeling like you didn’t have time to get organized this year? Don’t fret, Dr. Erin’s got you covered! She put together a back to school must-have guide to help

5 Tips to get your child to take medicine!

Is it difficult to get medicines into your child? Well, you are not alone!   Some children are content with any food you put in front of them, while others put up a huge stink whenever you encourage them to eat a healthy snack. It can be difficult to get your child to consume nutrient-dense

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4 Ways to Boost Immune Health

During the first few weeks of September, parents spend a lot of time ensuring that their childrens’ backpacks are well stocked with essentials, however it’s also important to prepare their immune system! Here are a four ways to ensure that your child’s immune system is ready for the new school year: 1. Sugar This sneaky ingredient can

Are you relatively new to parenthood and want all your questions answered? Discover 5 ND-approved books to help navigate your journey!

Raising a Healthy Child: 5 Books Parents Should Own

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a Naturopathic Doctor or any type of health care practitioner on hand 24/7 as you raise your baby? It’s not surprising that new parents have many questions as they navigate parenthood. To help answer some of those questions you want answered in the early hours of the morning –

Adapting to Stress – Strategies for families and children

In my practice, I am very fortunate to meet many families. In recent years, it has been more common for parents to report that they believe their young children are ‘stressed’ or ‘anxious’. This would make sense, as we know workplaces have become more stressful. Canadian statistics highlight males and females aged 35 to 54

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