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The transpersonal essence of the Inner Feminine, the Divine Feminine is something that has been revered since ancient times.  We can see echoes of this secret language in symbols like the Venus of Willendorf or Mother Goddess, the Venus of Berekhat Ram – all of which demonstrate the importance of women throughout the ages.  We hear whispers of the traditions of the moon and the Red Tent; intimate reminders of our power. Innately, we are drawn and identify with it.

In Babylonian times, men worshiped the Divine Feminine through Temple Priestesses with a clear understanding that without women, there would be no life. There could be no life. The world was in balance. It was not until envy and ultimately fear tipped the scales, causing us to become disoriented, making way for the chaos and turmoil in which we live. Today, our most sacred power hides in the shadow.  We have been taught to be ashamed of it, taught to fear it. The respect for our power has been lost in a forest of fear.

Our world is crying out for change. So many of us yearn to find the answer.  Perhaps it lies in plain sight – like looking in the mirror.

As we celebrate Women this month, let’s be reminded of all the “things” that make us feminine, all that make us divine so that we can be the positive change in the world.  We can celebrate our shared sacred wisdom again.  We will grow in the understanding that we are not meant to compete with one another or among ourselves.  Rather, find the kindness, compassion and understanding that our ancestors felt as they gathered together within the Red Tent to share the secrets through the generations.   This shared wisdom will raise the Divine Feminine vibration in the world, restoring balance once again.

With gratitude,

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