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Spring is upon us, and the longer days couldn’t be more welcome. Toronto saw a mere 12 hours of sunlight for all of January. Even for those not usually touched by Seasonal Effective Disorder, the absence of sunlight was felt.

There has been a significant lack of metaphorical LIGHT as well.  We are in a polarizing political climate, witnessing bold displays of injustice and prejudice, greed and imbalance, silence and lies. It has been a challenging time for many of us.

But here comes the sun.

here comes the sun

In order for there to be light, there must first come dark. One cannot exist without the other.  The relationship between light and dark creates contrast. And understanding contrast is how to begin mastering creativity in this life.

It is through experiencing the UNWANTED that we are able to define what we do in fact WANT. Unwanted experiences are great clarifiers. But very few of us are taught that fact. And we are trained to look at the unwanted things in our lives and find fault. Fault with ourselves, fault with each other, fault with the very fabric of the world around us. We are trained to look for what went wrong, instead of questioning what is now known to be right.

We may have only had 12 hours of sunlight in January, but we also saw the largest global protest in the history of our planet, with the Women’s March. We witnessed millions of people from around the world join together to stand up for the rights of women.  Fueled by lifetimes of unwanted experience, the collective clarity of women and men from all over the world was unified and powerful.

The first step in dealing with darkness is knowing you can. You are powerful. Enlightenment is not the absence of darkness. It is the illumination of darkness. As a planet we are being forced to look at our shadow. It’s not easy work. We are being forced to ask – where does this darkness exist in me? So be brave. Ask yourself where you are being called to expand. Where are you being guided to change? What have you been putting up with that you no longer are willing to endure?

The second key to dealing with the dark is not allowing yourself to get stuck in the UNWANTED. Once you have clarity about what you want, stop focusing on its absence. If you want peace, focus your attention on peace, not war, not discord. But PEACE. And that doesn’t mean protesting every weekend. It means doing things that make you FEEL peaceful – cups of tea, walks in nature, good books, kind friends, holding doors for strangers, random acts of kindness. Perhaps it sounds too simple. Especially when faced with the challenges at hand. But it is how the world changes. We ultimately allow for peace, when we ALLOW for peace.

This goes for every bit of contrast you are experiencing. If your workplace is making you feel powerless and that feeling is UNWANTED, then change your focus onto FEELING powerful and ALLOW yourself to expand. Use the contrast to create clarity. Then follow your own internal guidance.  The biggest mistake we could make is to believe that we are ineffectual, especially in our own lives. We are powerful beyond measure and have the capacity to create incredible change.

So drink in the longer days. Enjoy the sunlight. Allow yourself to enjoy where things are bright and wonderful. And, if you can, appreciate the darkness. It allows for time to contemplate. Time to rest. And time to get clear on where you most want to be.

Then go shine your light.

With love,


light the unwanted

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