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With the tragic events and current upheaval in the world today, it is my strong belief that our response should be love. Anger is paralyzing. Love is freeing. In many ways we are responding with love, ie The Woman’s March, mourning together over the tragic events in Quebec, standing up for one another in our collective pain.

It can leave us feeling powerless. How do we make these feelings subside? How do we help?

As small as this may seem, responding with self-love in practical ways will build momentum, amplifying like a ripple in a pond with resounding impact on the world around us.

Here’s a list of my Top 5 How-to SELF-LOVE tips that can remind us daily to spend time in love.

Create Ritual – take time daily for intentional gratitude and appreciation of self
To say life with my three daughters is hectic is a gross understatement. Finding “ME” time is often non-existent. I do however, lock the bathroom door post shower intentionally apply moisturizer to my hands, feet, and legs, thanking them for all they do for me. Creating a ritual, regardless of how minute it is still allows for intentional gratitude to self.

Build Community – connect with positive people to fill your soul and lift you up, helping you stay motivated
For me I find community is a couple of places. The first of which is on the mat. I may never have a conversation with any of the other people in my class but I feel connected on an energetic level. Sharing space makes my soul brighter. I’m also very blessed to connect with my “mom-friends”. There is a connectedness that binds us together. Finding a group that makes you feel safe, one where there is an equal exchange of give and take will do wonders for your sense of self.

Make a “what’s working for me” List – celebrate where you are winning, acknowledge where things are going well, recognize the love in your life
I have a bit of a confession – I am addicted to journals. My collection is approaching over 15! I try to make good use of each one. Some I use for shopping lists or menus. Others are for school committee lists (of which I also have an unhealthy collection of – sitting on 6 different committees). My pretty pink – Well, hello there lovely – is sacred. Every Tuesday, before picking the Girls up from school, you will find me at my local coffee shop taking inventory of what is working for me. Some days my list flows freely; others not so much. But the point is, I’m holding space for what works – celebrating, honouring, clearing the blocks and broadening my ability to live in love.

Loving your Body as a Vessel – honour your body by taking time to consider how, when and what you are feeding it
Sunday afternoons you will find me first at the grocery store, and then home in my kitchen. I batch cook for the entire week for a family of 4. It takes time and effort. I pay particular attention to nutrient-rich foods that will feed my body (and my Girls) at a cellular level and give us the ability to manage the week’s stressors head on. By preparing food ahead of time, we have exactly that – more time, specifically to eat and enjoy our food.

Explore Faith – complete confidence or belief in YOU
Let’s take the religious piece out of faith for a moment and see faith as the foundation of self-love. Danielle LaPorte’s truthbomb sums up my definition of faith…”Faith is not something you “have” as much as something you do. And if you do it consistently, the clearing and focusing, the nourishing… allows you to become the very Lightness you long for.”

As a final tip, don’t invest your time or energy into your news feed. We are never powerless. We have great power available to us; a power that has far reaching, world changing, life altering resonance. Self Love. Let’s begin.

With gratitude,

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