Bioenergetic Assessment

BioEnergetic Assessment is a non-invasive method of assessing the meridians, or energetic pathways, of the body that are traditionally associated with particular organs and systems. The indications from the BEA assessment assist you and your practitioner in determining which treatments and remedies would be appropriate in establishing your personal health maintenance program. BEA utilizes a state of the art computer based system for measuring the energetic balance (chi) of the body. BEA can determine bioelectrical disturbances in the organs and systems and the energetic causes that deter optimum health.

Although relatively new in this country, Bio Energetic Testing is internationally viewed as one of the most significant breakthroughs in medicine in many years. It is gaining rapid acceptance for three very good reasons: the procedure is totally painless; it is affordable and clinically very accurate and effective. The technique is well understood, accepted and widely used in many countries including Germany, France, England and Canada.

Just as blood and urine provide biological data to assess hormonal, chemical or other imbalances the energy flow within the body’s acupuncture meridians can also be measured. Since everything vibrates at it’s own particular frequency, vibrational energies or frequencies can be analyzed for their existence and potential impact. The BEA Practitioners are able to test the frequencies or electromagnetic signatures for various harmful agents such as chemicals, pesticides, radiation, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, parasites, molds and fungi as well as beneficial substances like hormones, minerals, enzymes or vitamins. This allows the BEA Practitioner to not only determine improper energy flow but also detect toxins and deficiencies.

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