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They can answer your questions, provide solutions and allow you to feel empowered about your overall health.

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Health and Wellness Blog

Eat with the Seasons

by Jill Northrup (ND graduate not yet licensed) Summer is here! Along with the warmer temperatures and longer days comes fresh Ontario produce. In addition to being better tasting, local produce from your farmer’s market Read more…

Attention Allergy Sufferers

Spring has sprung and so has allergy season! If you have been feeling congested, sneezing or have extra sinus pressure, your first thought may be that your symptoms are Covid-related. The timing of these symptoms Read more…

It’s Detox time!

We currently live in a time where toxin exposure is highest than it has ever been before. We are chronically exposed to toxic and unhealthy substances in the foods we eat, the water we drink, Read more…