Stock your Pantry with these Essential Foods

by Apr 2, 2020COVID-19

by Dr. Erin Valente, ND

Having a variety of foods on hand in your pantry is always a good idea! This allows us to make healthy choices that are easily accessible when needed. Therefore, I want to make sure that your pantry is stocked for success.

These are just some of my favourite items that I keep on hand (whether we are in a pandemic or not!) and are always included in my grocery list.

Black beans Source of fiber, inexpensive & easy to prepare. Used in tacos, stews/chillis, salads, eggs, with rice
Garbanzo beans/ Chickpeas Source of protein, rich in fiber. Easy to prepare and add to any salad or meal
Pinto beans Excellent source of fiber. May improve blood sugar
Amy’s soup – any type Inexpensive & easy to prepare. Organic and nutrient-dense soups
Diced tomatoes Contain vitamin C, powerful antioxidant. Versatile
Pasta sauce Inexpensive, easy to prepare and create a meal with
Olives Healthy source of good fat. Nutritious snack
Quinoa High in protein.Rich in many vitamins & minerals.Easy add-on to any meal
Brown rice Good source of fiber. Inexpensive and easy add-on to any meal
Oatmeal (steel-cut & quick oats) Source of fiber. Used for baking or for meals. Easy to prepare
Lentils Low in calories. Rich source of magnesium. High in protein
Organic broth (chicken, beef or vegetable) Reduces inflammation. Heals the gut lining. Can be added to any soup, stew, chilli, rice, quinoa
Frozen wild blueberries Filled with antioxidant.Used in smoothies, yoghurt bowls, baking, chia pudding
Frozen mixed vegetables Source of daily vitamins & minerals.As nutrient dense as fresh vegetables. Easy to prepare
Wild caught canned fish – salmon, sardines Rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Supports mood, cardiovascular and brain health
Pasture-raised eggs Source of choline for brain health
Black chia seeds Source of healthy fat. Contains protein
Ground flaxseeds Source of fiber. Hormone balancing. Promote healthy bowel movements
Organic raw almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios Excellent source of healthy fats. Beneficial for managing blood sugar. High fiber content
Nuts to You almond butter Versatile. Add to smoothies, rice cakes, yoghurt bowl, protein balls, celery stalks
Organic popcorn Easy snack.Simple to make. Inexpensive
Organic tea Great alternative to coffee. Herbs can be calming and supportive for the body

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