Back to School Lunch Essentials

by Aug 7, 2022Back to School, Children's Health

By: Dr. Gill & Dr. Valente

With kids headed back to school, consider some of our favourite lunch essentials. What makes our list? Eco-friendly, plastic-free and non-toxic items to store food and liquids. Why? Harmful plastics can leach into foods over time and create unnecessary ecological waste. 

Here are our favourite back to school essentials:

Pura bottle – Their bottles are durable and look great.  It withstands a beating and does not leak. The best part is that it is completely plastic free.  It is made from food-grade stainless steel and medical-grade silicone. Unique feature? Bottle tops can be interchanged for different stages of growth from sippy cups to straw bottles and then sports bottles. 

Eco line home design bento boxes – This bento box is perfect for creating a healthy lunch. It is made of wheatgrass and resin and will degrade 90% after disposal. It contains 5 separate components. The best part is it comes with its own fork and spoon which attach to the lid. A bonus so utensils wont be lost! The box is also dishwasher safe.

LunchBots – The original stainless steel bento box. Made from stainless steel making it dishwasher safe and durable. Unique feature? There are different sized boxes from 1 compartment for just a sandwich to 2 compartments for a sandwich and snack and so on up to 5 compartments. Lunches and snacks on the go make this brand consumer friendly.

Stasher reusable bags – These high quality reusable bags are wonderful for packing snacks or putting a sandwich in. They’re made of silicone and have a special leak-free seal (but don’t worry, your kids can still open them!). Best part? They are multipurpose – not only can you send a snack to school in them, you can also use them to store food items.

Cink Bamboo Spoon and Fork set – An easy to use spoon and fork set is perfect for when kids are eating out of the house. The natural bamboo material makes it durable, sustainable and also odour resistant. Toss it in the dishwasher to clean and off you go. Easy to pack into your kids lunch bags and send with them to school. 

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