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by Aug 7, 2022Back to School, Immune System

With kids and teachers heading back to school, the need for immune support is at an all time high. Consider discussing these options below with your naturopathic doctor (ND) to determine which may be best for you or your family. Why are these our go-tos? Not only are they backed by research, but they are tried and true with our own families and patients alike.

Deep Immune Kids – A balanced immune system is the strongest immune system. Deep Immune for Kids is a product that we use not only for kids but also for adults. It supports our health by rebalancing the body’s innate immune system. It’s a top choice when looking to prevent against any potential invading forces. While it’s not the tastiest, it’s powerful herbs will help if you or your family is prone to catching illnesses.

Probiotics for Immunity – Did you know that roughly 70-80% of your immune system is found within your gut. This means that the gut is the body’s primary defense. Supporting our gut with healthy microorganisms like probiotics help to reduce the frequency of respiratory tract infections and ultimately decrease the number of days home sick from school. What to take? Well, products like HMF Immune or HMF Fit for School are great probiotics for adults and kids as they combine probiotics with immune supporting nutrients. For more info, read here.

Vitamin D – We can’t say this enough; make sure you and your family are getting their daily dose of vitamin D. If you’ve had your levels checked and they are normal, then whatever you take for maintenance is likely fine to continue. However, if you do not know your levels, then you will want to test with your ND to determine your individual dose of vitamin D. Even with supplementation, we continuously see our patients deficient in this important vitamin.

Aspire Health Immune Tincture – This is our “go-to” herbal formula when the body is fighting an infection. If you’ve ever used our in-house immune tincture, then you can agree that it’s a go-to when anyone in the house is sick. Best part? We use this formula for both adults and kids (we adjust the dose accordingly). We are officially stocked up so please get in touch with your ND if you’re looking to refill your cabinets. 

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