Collagen: Debunking Myths


Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. It is now touted as the best anti-aging product available. Collagen can be injected into the face and lips to give a more plump and youthful appearance. It is often added into creams but it has become increasingly popular as a nutritional supplement. As ND’s we like to focus on beauty from the inside out so we thought we would give the facts about this trendy supplement.


As with any new health product on the market, we know there is much confusion about its benefits. So, let’s debunk some of the myths about collagen…


Myth #1: Collagen is only good for joint health.

Collagen has many more benefits than joint health. It has been shown to:

  • Improves elasticity of the skin
  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
  • Improve physical performance
  • Supports gut health


Myth #2: Collagen is only good for the elderly.

There is lots of emphasis around collagen being useful in aging joints. However, once we understand the diverse benefits of collagen, it becomes extremely attractive to people of all ages. Recent studies have shown that collagen stimulates cells located in the layers of the skin to improve skin health. Looking for better looking skin? Collagen may be your new best friend!


Myth #3: Collagen is only available from animal sources.

You’ve probably heard the word “bovine” tossed around when talking about collagen. This means that the collagen is derived from a cow. Don’t eat meat?! You can also get your collagen from a marine source, more specifically from fish scales. It may not sound all that tasty, but it can work wonders!


If we’ve convinced you of the benefits of collagen, there’s one more thing you should know. Not all collagen supplements are created equal. Make sure you find a collagen that is from grass-fed cows or wild-caught fish, and that it has been hydrolyzed (easier for your body to absorb!). In addition watch for those products with numerous non-medicinal ingredients. As Collagen has many benefits for the inside and outer appearance of our body, it tops our list for supplements!


Fertility Lessons: A Shift in Perspective

Over the years, working with couples to improve their fertility has taught me many lessons. The most important lessons are ones that cannot be found in research articles, textbooks or Dr. Google. Having a positive mindset is more beneficial than any acupuncture treatment or prescription that I can provide.

Every woman on this journey knows quite well all the ups and downs associated with the fertility process. There is hope felt during an embryo transfer, insemination, or a natural timed cycle, and then a feeling of defeat if the attempt is unsuccessful. One woman I work with explained that she felt as if she were experiencing a ‘mini death’ where parts of her had given up and she was mourning the loss of a potential life. I get it. It is devastating, exhausting, and painful. No one else understands this more than other women going through this process. Many self-proclaimed Type-A women often describe this aspect of their life as a ‘repeated failure’ and they take it quite personally! Here is a goal, unlike everything else in their lives, that they are unable to attain.AShiftinPerspectiveDrGill

Is there a magic pill, diet, hormone that can address it all? No, of course not. What I have seen in many successful cases is a belief that pregnancy is possible, even against all odds. I have seen women with low AMH scores, 4.0 and below, conceive naturally. I have witnessed women aged 41 plus who were told IVF was their only chance to get pregnant take a month break and then conceive naturally. Other women have been told that surrogacy or adoption was their only option and these women too had conceived on their own. I have seen couples in the adoption process have a child of their own. I have also seen couples down to their last frozen embryo transfer, be successful! What did these women have in common? I believe they allowed themselves to ‘let go.’ There was a shift in their thoughts from ‘this can’t happen’, ‘why is my body failing me?’, ‘why am I the only one not pregnant?’ to ‘This will happen, when it is the right time’, ‘I love my body and know it can get pregnant’, ‘I am not alone!’

I believe all women are fertile. I believe our bodies possess this wonderful, amazing capacity to bring forth new life. Some women require a little assistance and others need a lot more. Whether it’s the body or the mind that needs balancing, the two must be addressed. I believe this journey can teach us much more about ourselves. When you are at a ‘low’, dig deep and find strength. You are stronger than you know. Have faith and have courage. It is only a matter of time. Be resilient and never, ever give up hope.

7 Tips to for Optimize Fertility:

– Seek support. Feel supported by a comforting friend or therapist.
– Find an outlet. Dance or sing or run out your stress.
– Record your thoughts. Create a journal and let your thoughts find peace.
– Take a break. Don’t hesitate on booking that trip! A quick escape to Niagara-on- the-lake can do wonders for changing perspective.
– Avoid Dr. Google (limit yourself to 1 search on fertility sites per week!)
– Remain positive. Seek the company of others who share your positive thoughts and words.

Good-luck on your fertility journey!