canstockphoto16203986There are numerous natural remedies that can help to prevent and treat the common cold and flu for all ages, including infants!

My top 5 treatment options for cold and flu include:

  1. Garlic: a potent antioxidant and natural antibiotic, it assists with fighting and clearing infection. It also increases circulation.
  2. Mucococcinum/Oscillococcinum: Homeopathic remedy for flu symptoms (fever, fatigue and aches and paincanstockphoto10585856s).
  3. Vitamin C: Assists with prevention and treatment of the common cold. Increased dosages are recommended during periods of stress and during the winter season.
  4. Astragalus: Traditional Chinese Medicine herb used for boosting the immune system and modulating the body’s response to stress. A great remedy for prevention and treatment of respiratory infections.
  5. Oregano Oil: Antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal! The most potent treatment for the cold and flu, as well as for respiratory viruses.

Other excellent natural remedies include Vitamin D, Zinc, Echinacea, Greens, Golden seal, Usnea, and Drosera.

Please check with your Naturopathic Doctor or health care professional find the appropriate treatment protocol for you!

Here’s to a healthy 2015!

Dr. Odessa Gill


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