Lab Tests for Detox Support

by Feb 28, 2022Detoxification, Tests

Did you know that there are lab tests that can support the detoxification process? Lab testing allows an ND to develop an individualized protocol for you based on your unique blood test results. Here are some tests you may want to consider if you are planning a detox program.

If you are feeling sluggish, low energy and/or indulged with way too many carbs and sweets this winter, you may consider doing a Liver Profile test. This test measures 5 liver enzymes that allow us to better understand liver function. Gallbladder function is assessed through total and direct bilirubin. This liver panel is not recommended by family doctors unless you have a liver or digestion-related concern. When you see a Naturopathic Doctor, our view on this is very different. We use lab testing to often screen our patients. Whether you have a liver issue or not, ND’s focus on prevention. If we screen, we can identify a concern BEFORE it becomes one!

The Liver/Digestion Panel includes the following tests:

  • ALT
  • AST
  • ALP
  • Bilirubin (Direct)
  • Bilirubin (Total)
  • GGT
  • LDH

If you experience unexplained acne, frequent digestive concerns like bloating, heartburn, constipation, and loose stool, you may want to consider doing a Food Sensitivity Test. If your body is reacting to certain offending foods, you may not be properly absorbing nutrients or eliminating toxins efficiently. Symptoms associated with food sensitivities can develop over time and create inflammation. The RMA FST™ IgG Food Sensitivity Test identifies potential food sensitivities and take the guess work out of determining the best diet for you.

The test is a simple blood test and can be performed at any LifeLabs location. ND’s can determine which food sensitivity test is the right one for you as there are many options available.

How does the test work? The test measures IgG reactions in your blood to specific foods. IgG antibodies bind to food antigens creating antibody-antigen complexes. When these complexes increase in the blood, the body may have difficulty properly eliminating them. When this occurs, we can see a variety of symptoms. The most common are digestive concerns but can also include fatigue, eczema, acne and weight gain.

If you have been feeling sluggish, developed diabetes or high cholesterol and/or feeling more aches and pains lately, you may want to consider an Inflammation Panel. ND’s often use this as a screening test for measuring overall health. If inflammatory markers are high, detoxification protocols are highly recommended.

This panel is a blood test that measures a variety of markers of inflammation. The levels of certain markers increase with the presence of inflammation. The test measures  CRP, ESR, ferritin and fibrinogen which increase in inflammation. The other test, albumin, decreases with inflammation.  We know that inflammation in the body can cause a variety of health concerns. Inflammation can contribute to obesity, joint pain, even mood disorders. It can also be a cause of cardiovascular disease. 

If you are interested in any of these tests, or are planning to do a detox, reach out to your ND for more info to find out which test may be appropriate for you. All of these tests discussed our blood tests which can be conveniently performed at any Lifelabs location. Pricing for each of the panels varies.

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