Travelling abroad with Supplements the Holiday Season? Read this!

by Dec 16, 2015Holiday 2015

Whenever I travel by myself or family members, I follow the rules below. I am usually travelling with multivitamins, B-Complex, some Oregano oil capsules, Magnesium and fish oil capsules so these tips help me keep everything organized and minimize stress at the airport.

When travelling to a foreign country during the Christmas holidays, consider these tips to ensure supplements arrive safely with you.


  • If possible, have your Naturopathic Doctor (ND) give you a prescription form listing all the supplements that you are travelling with.
  • If there are only a few supplements, if possible, keep vitamins in their original packaging for easy identification.
  • Avoid packing large quantities of the same supplement.
  • Keep all supplements in a clear, plastic ziplock bag for easy identification purposes. Also, add the prescription form to this bag.
  • Place this bag on top of clothing items so there is easy access for custom agents.
  • Ensure that any liquid supplements are in a bottle of 100ml or less.
  • For fish oils, probiotics or any other items that may be affected by changes in temperature, consider adding an ice pack and place everything in a separate, clear ziplock bag.
  • For any vitamins that require frequent dosing, add these items to a carry-on bag and use the same rules as above.

Happy and Safe Travelling!

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