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A patient of mine recently encouraged me to tell this story. Now I see it is an important story to share.

This year, I discovered my husband Rob has a great ear for music. He has won a radio contest numerous times on his favourite station, Boom 97.3, which has allowed us to see some fun concerts and try some new restaurants. The contest involved him having to identify a song where only one second of that song is played. I think it is an amazing talent as I could not identify any of the songs myself!

Several months ago he told me to enter my name in a contest at the same radio station. The contest is called Payroll Payout where if you hear your name called on the radio, you have approximately 10 minutes to call in to win an 800 cash prize. They announce 2 names per day – one at 9:00am and the other at 5:00pm. I took the morning shift and my husband took the afternoon time to listen in to the radio.

After about 2 weeks of listening without our names being called, I told my husband one Monday morning that I was now ready to win the contest and that I would win that week. On the Wednesday afternoon I was at our medical office in the middle of an appointment and my cell phone rang. I recognized Rob’s customized ring. I remember thinking, hmmmm, he never calls me at work, I should answer – it must be something related to our toddler son. I pick up the phone hurriedly and then hear, “You won, they called your name, call in now!” So I quickly called in to the radio station, with a minute to spare and won the 800 cash prize!

The radio announcer congratulated me and I truthfully responded with “I knew I was going to win this week.” The announcer responded with “Winners tell me that all the time.”

Now, that had me thinking. I was truly convinced prior to my winnings that I would win that contest. Where does that feeling come from? Is it the power of positive thought? Did I help will this to occur? I believe yes! I do believe our beliefs, our thoughts do create a chain reaction and affect others and allow for great things to happen. I have always believed in the power of prayer and positive thinking. And now for the rest of the story….

The following morning after my win, the radio announcer called out a new name, a new winner. I carefully waited by my cell phone to see if I would get another call. You see, if the new winner does not call in then I win their amount. So at 9:30am, I receive another call announcing that I have now won 1600 dollars. In retrospect, I did feel like I would win again and wondered how long I could keep my winning streak going. I checked the radio station’s website for winner profiles and so far at that time, 2 other people had won 2400 dollars. Could I make it to the next round? At 5:10 pm, I waited impatiently in the car parking lot of my son’s Montessori school with my toddler bouncing around wanting to leave. I eventually strapped him into his car seat and sang along with the songs on the radio. He was content and grinning. Does he know his mommy will win? At 5:25 pm I received the phone call. My son was right. I won 2400 dollars!

The next morning at 9:00am, I do not have to wait long to hear the next winner call in to the station. My winning streak was now over. But wow, how exciting! Even retelling my story now has reminded me of those thrilling moments. And then something even more interesting happened. When my cheque was ready to be picked up, they invited me to the studio to meet the announcer, May Potts who first called my name. So I went to the radio station, did an interview and felt so grateful for the whole experience.

My husband has since pointed out to me that I am the only one to date (as of November 26th) to have a video interview on their website. In addition, with their winners profile, out of 66 winners, there were only 5 other individuals who won the 2400 prize amount. One lucky person had also won 4000! So what does this all mean? Am I luckier than other people? No! I do believe my thoughts helped to shape these events in some way. I felt with great conviction that I was going to win the contest and was open to that thought. Perhaps that is the lesson here – to be open and to listen to our intuition. More than ever before, I watch my words and thoughts. I am careful of what I ask and pray for. And the next step? At this point, I am not sure but I will pay attention to any signs or see what other contests come my way…..stay tuned!

To enter the contest and see the winner profiles visit:

You can see my (embarrasing!) video at: http://snapwidget.com/v/562232931516282382#.UpTOObGEjIV

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