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‘Unexplained Fertility’

I have practiced Naturopathic Medicine in Bloor West Village for over 12 years now and the most frustrating diagnosis that I encounter is that of ‘unexplained fertility.’  What does this mean? Generally, it translates to a Fertility Specialist informing a couple that there is no specific problem detected in a Western medicine evaluation. In these

Top 5 Fertility Tests

When a couple is preparing for conception, lab testing can be an invaluable tool in determining fertility status. These tests can be ordered by your Family Doctor, Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and also a Fertility Specialist. Here are my top 5 tests: THYROID Why is the thyroid important in fertility?  If there is thyroid dysfunction, there

5 Signs to Predict Ovulation

One of the most important conversations I have with women is about ovulation. Since this is rarely taught in schools, and many patients refer to Dr. Google, there are several misconceptions. Here are 5 signs that can help predict ovulation: 1) Mittelschmerz – This term is German for ‘middle pain’ and refers to the cramping

How to Choose A Fertility Clinic

The fertility journey can be short for some or seem like a marathon for others. When you are searching for a fertility clinic, here are some things to consider. 1) Is the clinic either close to home or close to work? When there are frequent early morning blood draws and consultations this makes the process

Fertility – A Second Perspective

I believe every woman is fertile. My goal as a Naturopathic Doctor is to help the body achieve a state of Optimal Health. When addressing fertility, this is the approach I take.  I look for any interfering factors that affect this goal. Hormonal health, gynecological health, advanced age, diet, environmental toxin burden, genetic factors, stress

Fertility – A Perspective

I have the privilege of assisting many couples with achieving conception. I began my general family practice ten years ago with the intention of eventually focusing on prenatal care and pediatrics. Most of my new patients however, were looking for natural treatments for health concerns related to hormone regulation. In time, I began seeing more

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