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I’m a huge proponent of self care. In fact I recently took a day off work and spent the day at a hydrotherapy spa (women’s only – sorry boys!). As I was relaxing in the pool, I was thinking about (a) the last time I really did something for myself and (b) when was the last time I focused on one single thing. So many of us have never-ending to do lists and are stretched pretty thin – it can be difficult to make ourselves a priority, and easy for stress to rule our lives.

Stress and the Body

Stress makes us fat. The more stressful situations we experience, the more cortisol is released into our body. Cortisol will turn carbs and fat into quick energy so we can overcome the stressful situations. When the stressful event subsides, cortisol helps bring the body back in balance and increases our appetite so we can replace any carbs and fat lost.

Take the day off

Sticking to a whole-foods diet is preferred – but that doesn’t relieve the stress. I’m not advocating that you up and quit your job, but maybe it’s time to make the most of one of your vacation days and take some time for yourself.

Focusing on ourselves helps better our mental and physical health, allows us to be more available and present for our loved ones, increases our resilience, and helps us to achieve success and improve performance.

Here are a couple of self-care ideas:


My husband used to be part of a soccer league with his buddies, and he loved it! Not only is it a great way to spend time with friends, it helps to counteract the effects of sitting all day.


Who doesn’t love a massage? Not only does it promote relaxation, it helps to get all those knots out of your neck!


There are tons of apps like Headspace which can help you get out of your head for 10 minutes and focus on your breath. Who doesn’t want to be the most clear-headed employee at your next team meeting?


Personally, one of my favourite things to do is chill out on my couch and read with my husband. A book that I highly recommend is Essentialism by Greg McEowan. It’s a book that helps you get ahead in your career by strategically saying NO. Check it out!

Get Groomed

Male grooming is all the rage these days. I made my husband beard oil last Christmas! If you’re not one to get a manicure or pedicure, maybe treat yourself to a nice shave or even a facial. The world is your oyster.

Final Notes

I share this quote with each one of my patients: you cannot serve from an empty vessel. Men, that includes you! Being a son, brother, husband and/or father is a tough job! Not only are you on bug and garbage duty – but society has put so much pressure on you to be ‘the man.’ Sometimes you need to take a quick pause and ‘treat yo self’ to a break.

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