Spring in your step!

by Mar 22, 2018Lifestyle, Spring

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Want more Spring in your step this season? Well, read on!

Here are my top 5 tips on how to do this adapted from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) traditions.


  • Eat your greens (and not the light green iceburg lettuce kind). Spring is fueled by the energy of the Liver. This is the time when many health gurus begin their spring cleanses. All cleanses incorporate a wide variety of greens. It is a vital time to eat foods that are sprouting. Try adding sprouted microgreens to any of your salads. Add foods like garlic, onions and peppermint which support the body’s desire to be invigorated this season.


  • Get on the move! Sometimes I believe the more we think about exercising, the greater the chance it won’t happen! Early morning routines work best for me where I don’t have time to find an excuse yet! My body takes the lead and then my mind once awake responds with ‘I am so glad I went for that run!’ The season supports the movement of Qi. Stagnation of Qi often occurs during the winter months when we are least active. Acupuncture can also assist with the movement of sleepy Qi.


  • Cover your head and neck. According to TCM tradtions, a change of season can bring ‘pathogens’ via the wind. On windy days, take cover. On really windy days, you will find me wearing a scarf at the clinic. Its a reminder to keep my head and neck covered in case of an unexpected draft. Want to avoid those spring colds? Drink tea, wear your favourite Lululemon hoodie and avoid the wind.


  • Clean your favourite space! See how I only mention ONE space? Most of us get overwhelmed by the idea of spring cleaning around the house. This means taking down drapes, replacing heavy winter linens, dry cleaning, removing unworn clothing, etc….So what I mean here is, choose ONE space. Choose one space where you spend most of your time at home. I have a home office so this is where I begin. This is where I write and need to be inspired. Any clutter around me can create clutter in the mind and usher me into working out of another space. So, give away any unused books, remove anything in your line of sight that creates confusion. Add some vibrant colours, fill a small bottle with pink tulips and place on your desk. You get the idea. Who says Spring cleaning can’t be fun? I make it fun and that begins with adding a renewed energy to my surroundings.


So get going! Be inspired. Begin to flow with the energy of the season and you will be rewarded. When you need more inspiration come and see your ND for an acupuncture tune-up.




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