Grocery Delivery Services in Bloor West

by Apr 20, 2020COVID-19

Here’s a list by Dr. Erin on some of her favourite local food suppliers in the area. Thank-you Dr. Erin for being so resourceful!

Cheese Boutique

They offer fancy cheeses, imported butters and specialty charcuterie items (but also your basic items as well!). You can leave your number in their “Order Queue” online or try to get through to them by phone to place your order.

Free delivery. $50 minimum.

Current wait time: 3 days


Fruit Suite

They offer everything from fresh produce and set boxes to plant based meals.

Orders are placed online.

Delivery days and frequency vary be neighbourhood. Roughly 2 day turn around time.



They offer everything from organic fruit & vegetables to dairy products and cute flowers.

Orders are placed online and confirmed via telephone.

$5.99 delivery fee. No minimum required.

Current wait time: 1-2 days


Fresh City Farms

They offer organic, artisanal or local suppliers (Lee’s Ghee, Evelyn’s Crackers, St Urbain bagels, etc.). Orders are placed online.

$27 minimum order, plus a delivery fee of $3 to $3.50 that’s waived for orders of $75 and up.

Delivery days vary by neighbourhood.

Currently they aren’t accepting NEW customers, but there’s a waitlist that you can join.

Rowe Farms

They offer locally grown and organic meat, dairy and eggs.

Order by 6AM the day of your delivery window (Bloor West; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday). Deliveries happen same-day between noon and 8PM.

Currently they are only delivering within 2km of their stores. Check out their locations to see if you fall within this distance.

No delivery fees. No minimum required.


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