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Embracing Your Inner Goddess

The transpersonal essence of the Inner Feminine, the Divine Feminine is something that has been revered since ancient times.  We can see echoes of this secret language in symbols like the Venus of Willendorf or Mother Goddess, the Venus of Berekhat Ram – all of which demonstrate the importance of women throughout the ages.  We

Oh MAMA: the journey to motherhood

The dog ate my homework. Almost. I am slipping this in just under the wire. I am writing this at 4am, surrounded by darkness, in my jammies. The truth is I haven’t worn anything but jammies most of the week. I am pregnant. And I have been in the throws of some pretty serious morning

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9 Simple Ways of Letting Go

There are moments that stay with us for a lifetime, experiences that leave indelible marks upon our hearts and souls. These marks become maps showing us where we have been. They remind us of who we were and reveal who we are becoming. The more we experience life, the more of these moments we accumulate. Sometimes

Do I need to take a probiotic?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked in practice. Generally, I respond first with a definition. ‘Probiotics refer to the billions of bacteria that live in your gastrointestinal tract.’ Here are some reasons why I recommend their use: 1) Digestive disorders (symptoms of gas/bloating) 2) Poor dietary intake 3) Antibiotic use

Words of Support

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I have the unique privilege of hearing the stories of many women. What most women may not recognize is that they are not alone in their struggles, heartbreaks and triumphs. As a result, I often find myself repeating the similar phrases. Recently, a long-time patient urged me to share these ‘Odessa-isms’

Beautiful Boundaries

We are shaped by what we say yes to. And we are equally shaped by what we choose to say no to. No, is a difficult word for so many of us. It’s so firm. It is complete. It says STOP. Perhaps because it can feel so harsh, no is often accompanied by a train

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